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 2018 Elections for the CCAPP Board of Directors

CCAPPs election of members to the board of directors began August 28, 2018 with an open nomination process. Nominations closed on September 12, 2018. There are two different categories for board members. Category A individual members and Category B program members. See the category columns below for details.

The election voting opened on October 22, 2018 and closed on December 11, 2018. Election results was announced December 26, 2018 by email and social media.

Voting details was sent to all eligible members via email by 11:59 PM on October 22, 2018 and by postcard. Please be sure to add to your safe senders list and check your spam folder for messages from Please be sure your information and membership is kept up to date for the 2019 elections.

CCAPP Board Elect

2018 Elections for Category A: Individual Members


There are three districts that have individual board seats available. These districts are one, two, and five. Individual board members will represent each specific district and their needs, but all CCAPP members are eligible to vote for these individual board members, regardless of which district you, the voter, resides.

The voting system will ask you to enter your Username and Password which you will
receive by both email and postcard. Online voting should take you less than 10 minutes. Note the online ballot can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. All of your choices are held in a secure database. Only CCAPP election officials have access to the choices you make. The system will give you a confirmation number. This number is proof to you that your vote has been successfully transmitted to Votenet’s secure database.

If you have any problems voting or receiving your login details for the online voting system, please contact [email protected] If you would like to receive voting information through email, please provide the office with an email address. You may update your membership record by calling membership at 800-564-5927.
Thank you!

Individual Candidates

District One


Edward Caldroni

Edward Caldroni is currently the Director of Operations at The Fellowship Center Alcohol & Other Drug Recovery Services program in Escondido, CA where he has been employed the past 18 years. He is also an alumnus of the program with over 20 years of active participation in the recovery community. During his tenure at The Fellowship Center, he has worked in every area of residential treatment as well as transitional housing and sober living. He worked in case management for many years, prior to moving into managing the day-to-day operations at the center as a member of the management team.

Edward is a passionate advocate of social model treatment and has participated in many of the statewide conferences with many fond memories of the numerous friends made all over the state and country. He has, also, worked as a sub-contractor for the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services Team where he collaborated with staff members of other County SUD Agencies to assist the County of San Diego in establishing policies and procedures for residential treatment providers.

Prior to the merger and creation of CCAPP, Edward served as a member of the CAS Board and never failed to attend any of the required board meetings. To that end, Edward has the committed support of the Fellowship Center’s Board of Directors to travel statewide to be of service and have a voice for one of the largest SUD entities in District One.


Michael Grisham

My name is Michael Grisham, CADC-I, and I am running to serve as the CCAPP representative for District 1.  I am running for this seat on the Board because I am passionate about the mission of the CCAPP organization, as well as the advocacy positions it advances on behalf of CCAPP members and the field.  Among those issues, include reducing the NIMBY problem; protecting facilities against zoning discriminations; mandatory DHCS-certification of Outpatient Programs, & increasing educational opportunities for recovering addicts to enter the field & climb the career ladder.  But, the single most pressing issue of which I’m most passionate, is the need to eliminate “pay the patient” policies that are used by insurance companies to discourage patient admissions. We’ve heard far too many horror stories that this practice is literally costing the lives of our patients in early recovery, who frequently cash those checks themselves and end up dead from overdose!

That said, if elected, among my first tasks will be to survey my other CCAPP-compatriots on issues important to them. From that point forward, I pledge that I will advance “consensus” issues with the same passion as I will the pay the patient disaster!  

By way of background, I have 10-years of experience in the SUD treatment field in which I’ve held positions in Arizona & California, including RADT, CCAPP counselor, program manager, and director of operations.  Most recently, I’ve partnered up with other seasoned-professionals on the development of a new company, Real Hope Recovery, which will soon provide a full-range of SUD-treatment and Dual-Diagnosis services in San Diego for clients that have private health insurance plans. Earlier, I worked in the medical field as a certified Respiratory Therapist.  I also have a very strong foundation in Christian-ministry, of which I have strong affinity & Divinity certification (IFOC).  


Rosemarie Wheeler

Hi everyone! My name is Rose Wheeler. I am a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LAADC) and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT). I have been on the CCAPP Board for 4 years and the Education Board for 2 years. I absolutely love education, and I love meeting all of you when I come to your facilities to do workshops. I bring a vast knowledge of the workings of the CCAPP Board and would love to continue bringing you that knowledge. I hear you tell us that you want to be heard and you want us to help with your careers. I will do my best to promote more board cohesion with our members in the workforce. Many of you already call me and know that I do my best to get your needs met. I plan to do that and more. I look forward to meeting more of you. I hope you will vote for me.

Rose Wheeler, LAADC, LMFT

District Two Candidates

Dusty Buford

Picture and Candidate Statement not provided by candidate.

Michael Prichard

My name is Michael Prichard and I am running as an individual member for the CCAPP Membership Board of Directors for District 2. I was appointed to the CCAPP Membership Board in 2016. I have served on the CCAPP Ethics Committee, Quality Assurance Committee and currently serve as your Vice President. I hold Master of Science in Addiction Counseling, a LAADC credential and I have been active in the addiction profession for ten years. Currently, I am employed as a Staff Analyst in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services for Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health and sit on the Central Valley Opioid Safety Coalition. As a Staff Analyst, I have been afforded the opportunity to work closely with the Drug-Medical Organized Delivery System Waiver implementation and understand the challenges facing the SUD treatment profession in California. One of the greatest challenges is a work force shortage in our profession due to low pay and the absence of a career ladder that includes state recognized licensure for SUD counselors. For many years, I have been concerned that SUD counselors have been treated like second class citizens in their own profession. Counselors who only hold a SUD certification are not considered Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA) and therefore cannot diagnose SUDs. As a result, allied professionals that might not have SUD specific training out rank us in regard to pay even though SUD counselors conduct the bulk of billable services. If I am re-elected to the CCAPP Membership Board, I will focus my energy toward the creation of a state recognized licensure for SUD counselors and higher wages for all SUD counselors on every step of the career ladder. Thank you for your vote.

District Five Candidates


John Doyel

Picture and Candidate Statement not provided by candidate.


Chuck Madson

My name is Chuck Madson and I live in Lompoc, Ca. I am currently the Director of Programs for Coast Valley Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in the cities of Lompoc and Santa Maria. I have been with this agency for over 8 years and am almost 14 years clean & sober.

I have used my own experience with addiction and incarceration to grow and support the needs of the over 500 various clients that are currently receiving services in our programs. Realizing the importance of community collaborations that benefit the ongoing recovery for the clients we serve, I am focused on involvement with community organizations that can support this overall vision. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Lompoc Chamber of Commerce and our local United Boys and Girls Club. I also am a volunteer member of Lompoc Unified School Districts Student Attendance Review Board and serve the Santa Barbara County 12 Step recovery community with various commitments. My motivation to serve on these various boards is to bring stronger collaborations with all treatment agencies and community organizations to strengthen the success for those entering the treatment/recovery process. I know that recovery is a lifelong process and can best be achieved with total community support.

I hope that if I have the opportunity to serve as an Individual Board Member for CCAPP I can use my motivation to learn more and serve addiction focused programs and those professionals in this field throughout California. Ultimately empowering the individual clients we serve. I am grateful for your consideration.

Much Respect, Chuck Madson    


Nominations are closed.

California has been divided into nine districts with approximately equal populations.  The 2018 election will be held for board members in Districts 1, 2, and 5.

There are three (3) ways in which a person may be nominated:

  1. Each district must nominate at least one candidate;  
  2. Any CCAPP member living within the district may nominate a candidate to represent that district, and may even nominate him/herself;
  3. The current board’s election committee will nominate at least one additional candidate who lives in each of these three districts IF only one candidate has been nominated from within the district.

The only requirement for making a nomination is that the person making the nomination and the person being nominated must both be members of CCAPP in good standing. As per CCAPP bylaws, certified individuals who are not members cannot run for office.

All nominations must be received in the CCAPP office no later than
September 12, 2018.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Members residing in Districts 1, 2, or 5 are invited to participate in the nominating process this cycle. Members who do not reside in one of these districts, cannot participate in the nomination process, however you WILL be able to vote for one candidate from each of these three districts pursuant to CCAPPs bylaws.


CCAPP District Map

District Map.png

2018 Elections for Category B: Program Members


There are three program board seats available. As a program voting representative are able to cast your vote for three of the eligible candidates.

The voting system will ask you to enter your Username and Password which you will receive by both email and postcard. Online voting should take you less than 10 minutes. Note the online ballot can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. All of your choices are held in a secure database. Only CCAPP election officials have access to the choices you make. The system will give you a confirmation number. This number is proof to you that your vote has been successfully transmitted to Votenet’s secure database.

If you have any problems voting or receiving your login details for the online voting system, please contact [email protected] If you would like to receive voting information through email, please provide the office with an email address. You may update your membership record by calling membership at 800-564-5927.
Thank you!

Program Candidates


Jen Carvalho

It has been my pleasure to serve CCAPP as a board member and as an Executive Committee Member.

My passion for the work comes not from my position as CEO of Azure Acres, but as a woman in long term recovery. It is my personal mission to make sure that treatment is available when anyone struggling with addiction seeks it. And that treatment (or network of support) needs to provide ethical, outcomes-focused care that supports someone on their journey toward sobriety. The work that we do at CCAPP directly supports the workforce and the programs that do this.

An educated and credentialed workforce is a primary focus. That means making a variety of training options available to our membership. Additionally, a smooth and supportive credentialing process is our goal. Seeking further opportunities to serve CCAPP members is key.

Advocacy at the legislative level is fundamental to the professional growth of our industry. CCAPP is consistently engaged and active in this arena – from the legislature, to national issues affecting us, to DHCS and the demands inherent in doing business in this state.

Funding issues are primary for me. Funding MUST be available for those seeking treatment. Whether through managed healthcare or ODS, private funding or initiatives such as Human Redemption Value (HRV, part of the comprehensive plan for addiction treatment, prevention, and recovery services). Funding drives our ability to earn a living wage as treatment providers.

I seek your vote in an effort to continue the commitment I have made to further the CCAPP Mission:

To promote excellence in the delivery of services focused on substance use and its problems by providing the highest level of advocacy, competence, and ethics among programs and professionals.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.


Dennis Farmer

It is because of the principles outlined in a program of recovery, that I have ability to write this statement. By the Grace of God and working the steps my recovery continues – one day at a time.

I was honored in 2017 to receive the VISIONARY AWARD presented by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). This award is a reflection of the dedication and commitment I have exhibited in vision and leadership, towards promoting recovery efforts in our community. I know, without doubt, that the labor of thousands of dedicated recovery workers in our State equate directly with thousands of lives saved. I celebrate those efforts, promote those efforts and lead a team of individuals each day in carrying out those efforts.

It is with great humility that I would serve as a Board Member, and I feel I bring to the organization the strengths of my own character, and struggle with addiction. I submit that the same vision and leadership I’ve show in our localized efforts, would be of great benefit in the broader discussion of addiction, chemical dependency and substance abuse. Perspective matters: and with that said, each of us nominated would bring with us, a sense of personal experiences that can only enhance the discussion, help to develop solutions, and present methods and practices that help facilitate recovery.

I sincerely thank you for the opportunity and consideration to serve a Board Member, and I humbly accept this nomination. I look forward to the progress CCAPP, its Board Member and its General Members are making each day in combating a serious, deadly epidemic impacting communities throughout our State.


Cheryl Houk

I have worked in the Social Model recovery field for nearly 30 years. I have been involved in the statewide representation as a board member of CAARR for 15 years, as well as a member of State ADP program specific committees, and have accumulated much historical knowledge about the evolution of the field, the legislative issues, the certification education process, and the funding along with major system changes during my time in the recovery field. I have been the Executive Director of Stepping Stone of San Diego for a total of 20 years and I am known to be a huge client advocate. In my years in the field, I have worked in and overseen residential, outpatient, and prevention services and am acutely aware of both client and program needs in properly serving our clients. During this time of radical changes in how we do business, I believe I can represent programs as well as clients in managing our way through these changes and protecting our client base in this process and keeping programs throughout the State informed about our progress, challenges, and issues.


Benjamin Kaneaiakala, III

Benjamin Kaneaiakala III has a reputation as a man of recovery. Nearing his 30 years of sobriety, he has maintained a program of gratitude, growth and continued humility. During the entirety of his recovery, he has simultaneously worked in the field. He has held nearly every position that one can work in recovery, beginning as a driver and staff support, to counseling in the men’s prison in Hawaii to his current position of CEO of Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health.

During his time working in treatment, he has developed many skills regarding instilling and supporting recovery. He has navigated through the industry using his own moral compass to stay aligned with the strongest legal and ethical constitutions. He firmly believes and enforces an ethical code for himself, the clients that he has the opportunity to support and those that work around him.

Mr. Kaneaiakala has a vast knowledge of recovery based with a solid foundation in the 12 steps yet also supported by his own personal self-growth work on both cognitive and spiritual levels. He remains humble in his desire to better himself and is known by those he has encountered for his personal mantra. He can often be heard stating, “The good is the enemy of the better.” His phrase stays with those he impacts as a statement of avoiding complacency and working to constantly evolve towards self-actualization. This drive is contagious and will be helpful to any organization he joins.


Lorriane Martinez

Picture and Candidate Statement not provided by candidate.


Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro is the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (L.A. CADA), a community based, non-profit, behavioral health provider offering a full continuum of care (prevention, intervention, and residential, intensive outpatient, outpatient treatment services).  Juan has held nearly every position with the agency, starting with Youth Services, over his 30 plus year tenure at L.A. CADA.  Since his appointment in 2015 as L.A. CADA’s Executive Director, he is responsible for the design and successful implementation of several innovative programs, including in-custody SUD treatment at Los Angeles County’s Men Central Jail; L.A. County’s first and only LGBTQ recovery bridge housing; a 100 plus bed, in-custody community based treatment program for women; a residential treatment program for pregnant women and women with children; the expansion of services on Los Angeles Skid Row for homeless men and women; and advocacy and in-reach at the Long Beach Superior Court for the co-occurring homeless.  Additionally, Mr. Navarro is a member of the Los Angeles County Commission on Alcohol and Drugs, voting member of the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council, Board member of the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Programs Executives. 

Juan strongly supports community based recovery for clients and their families, increased access to care and treatment through elimination of barriers, workforce development and professionalization, and new and innovative practices to engage clients, particularly youth and transitional age youth, in and successfully through treatment.   



Graham Sargent

Since 2011 I have worked consistently in a variety of positions and modalities. I have experience providing counseling and case management services in outpatient, residential and forensic settings. For the past 2 years I have worked as a Program Manager for a large healthcare organization, which is currently one of the largest employers of registered and certified counselors in the Northern CA Region.

I view SUD Counseling as a profession, and I look forward to what the future holds for our members and colleagues. I believe that my experience, ambition and strong work ethic make me a suitable candidate. I take great pride in being a Certified Counselor, and Individual Member of CCAPP. It would be an honor to serve in this capacity. I respectfully request your vote for Program Board Member.  


Devon Wayt

My name is Devon Wayt, and I am seeking your approval for a seat on the CCAPP Board of Directors. I currently serve on the Education Board. It is an honor to help our licensed and certified professionals, registrants, schools, programs, and other individuals in this capacity. Everything I have of value is because I entered recovery through treatment at a young age. I value being a father, husband, leader, and an addiction professional. The substance use disorder treatment field has been my home for the past 15 years. My expertise ranges from quality and compliance, to operations, program development, and change management. I graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in management and a Master of Business Administration. I also serve as the Chief Operating Officer for Northbound Treatment Services. My leadership philosophy includes vulnerability-based, transformational, and teamwork-focused applications. In healthy organizations, these applications thrive where each staff member is on a team defining the customer experience. I believe that everyone can be a leader, but leadership would not exist without ethical utilities such as honesty, authenticity, transparency, integrity, and a commitment to self-improvement and leading by example. I believe that determination ultimately leads to spiritual, physical, and monetary success, through leadership, for organizations and the teams within those organizations. Inspiring creativity and innovation sharpen the ability for organizations to provide a transformational experience, achieve organizational goals, and succeed. Inspiring others comes naturally, and I feel a gratitude when I see individuals move into a life of recovery and families heal. I also feel gratitude the day I hire ideal team players and the years ahead watching them succeed. It is through healthy relationships my own family, business, and friends can motivate others to grow as leaders and effect positive change.


Nominations are closed.

Every year there will be SEPARATE elections for three Program Board Members.  CCAPP Member Programs’ Authorized Representatives participate only in the election for Program Board Members.

Nomination Process

There are two (2) ways in which a person who is the Authorized Representative of a CCAPP Program Member may be nominated:

  1. Any CCAPP Program’s Authorized Representative may nominate another CCAPP Program’s Authorized Representative Member from anywhere in California;
  2. Any CCAPP Program’s Authorized Representative may nominate him/herself.

All nominations must be received in the CCAPP office NO LATER than
September 12, 2018.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

To nominate someone to the CCAPP Board, simply fill out the nomination form below and mail it to CCAPP, Post Office Box 214127, Sacramento, California 95821 or via instructions on the nomination form.