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 2020 Elections for the CCAPP Board of Directors

CCAPPs election of members to the board of directors begins August 25, 2020 with an open nomination process. Nominations close on September 25, 2020. There are two different categories for board members. Category A individual members and Category B program members. See the category columns below for details.

The election voting opened on October 25, 2020, and closed on December 8, 2020. Election results were announced December 23, 2020 by email, social media, and listed below. The new board member terms begin at the end of January, 2021, and will be listed on the board page after their terms begin.

Individual Members can check what district they live in by using our district map and searching by zip code

Click Here for the District Map

2020 Election Results for Category A: Individual Members

Flores, Charles - Edited.jpg

Charles Flores

District 8

Smith, Eric - Edited.jpg

Eric Smith

district 9

Vollaire, Yvonne - Edited.jpg

Yvonne Vollaire

District 6

2020 Election Results for Category B: Program Members

Chagolla, Daniel - Edited.jpg

Daniel Chagolla

Cedar house life change center

Jordan, Brandi - Edited.jpg

Brandi Jordan

my time recovery, llc