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Q: I am a Registered Alcohol Drug Trainee (registered), do I need to be a member?

A: Membership is not required, but is strongly encouraged.


CCAPP members receive large discounts on their certification fees and online education fees, as well as many other discounts. Click here to see a complete list of individual benefits.

Registration fees are separate from membership and are billed separately. To receive discounts, membership must be current.

Q: I am certified with CCAPP, do I need to be a member?

A: Membership is not required, but is strongly encouraged. CCAPP members receive large discounts on certification, conferences, as well as group discount rates on many popular services. Click here to see a complete list of individual benefits.

Certification fees are separate from membership and are billed separately. To receive discounts, membership must be current. Membership must be renewed and remain current in order to receive certification discounts.

Q: What are the benefits for the retired member or 55+ Membership?


A: The Retired category includes all of the membership benefits of other CCAPP members at a discounted rate of 10% off. Click here to see a complete list of individual benefits.


Q: What are the benefits of program membership?

A: As the state’s largest AOD advocate for programs, CCAPP serves as the vital link between government, consumers, program owners, and directors. CCAPP program members maintain the national standard of treatment delivery and are considered a primary resource for policy makers at every level of decision making in California. In addition to the vital need for programs to be represented at the local, state and national levels, CCAPP offers an extensive array of benefits that literally allow the membership fee to be recouped via discounts and services provided by CCAPP. To see the full list of program benefits, click here.


Q: How will program/membership be represented?


A: CCAPP’s Board of Directors is represented in equal numbers of program members and individual members. We all move forward, together.  


Q. How does CCAPP differ from old organizations?

A: CCAPP draws upon the strength of both of its predecessors, (CAADAC and CAARR). It retains all of its valuable credentialing functions from both organizations. It also draws upon a vast membership of programs from all modalities and more than 350 registered SLEs. It is different in that programs and professionals work together to provide vital representation and practical solutions for today’s issues and opportunities.

Q: What is the difference between membership and certification?

A: Membership is a distinction that allows the member, program or professional, to demonstrate to the world a solidarity with fellow counselors, program executives, administrators, and owners. It says, “I care about the future of treatment in California.”

Certification is a designation of competence or quality. It tells consumers, regulators and colleagues that a person has completed a set of education, training and testing requirements.


Q: If my agency is a program member, am I an individual member?

A: No. Program members are a separate category. Program membership does include discounts for individual events, such as conferences and symposiums. Program membership DOES NOT entitle individuals to receive discounts for certification fees.

Q: What makes a program eligible for CCAPP member?

A: There are two ways that entities, other than individuals, may affiliate with CCAPP. Programs licensed or certified in the State of California and Sober Living Environments may voluntarily join CCAPP by completing a membership application and paying a membership fee. Members can be terminated for failure to abide by the ethical standards and conditions detailed in CCAPP’s corporate bylaws.  SLEs may also choose to be registered by CCAPP. This designation includes a site visit and standards verification. It is separate from CCAPP membership.

Q: I represent sober living program, am I eligible to be a program member?

A: Yes. CCAPP has many SLEs that enjoy the benefits of membership and find it important to have their voice heard in California.

Q. I was a program member of either CAADAC or CAARR, what does that make me in CCAPP?

A: All agency and program members of CAADAC and CAARR were automatically transferred to CCAPP. Each is now given the rights and benefits of program membership status.

Q: I was an individual member of either previous organization, what does that make me in CCAPP?

A: All individual members of CAADAC were automatically transferred to CCAPP. Each continues to receive the rights and benefits of individual membership status. Renewal fees will continue at the same rate. The CAARR organization did not assess membership fees for individuals. CAARR certified and registered members’ credentials (certification and registration) were automatically transferred. In order to receive member benefits (including the discounted rate for certification and renewal), former CAARR members will need to become members. To learn more about individual membership, please visit CCAPP’s “Welcome Individual Members” page by clicking here.








1.       Q:   What is the total cost for the 9 hour course and the registration?


A:     *The fee for the 9 hour course and one year registry combined is $50.


2.       Q:    Where can I get the 9 hour pre-registration form?

A:      The form can be obtained by visiting our website at From the home page you will click on the forms tab, scroll down and then click on the pdf file titled 9 hour pre-registration course which is located under the heading CFAAP Home Study Courses.


3.       Q:    How do I submit the Pre-registration form?


A:     The form can be submitted one of two ways. You can fax (916-368-9424) the form to us if you are paying by credit card or send the form to us with a check or money order to the address of 3400 Bradshaw Rd. Ste. B Sacramento, CA 95827. Please keep in mind that only the Pre-registration form can be accepted via fax or by snail mail. The actual RS or RRW application MUST be sent via snail mail or electronically (online).


4.       Q:    What happens after I submit my pre-registration form?


A:     Once the completed registration form has been submitted, you will then wait (about 5-7 business days) for an email to be sent out to you with the course context for you to begin. Once the course has been completed you will then notify Kenya Brown in the education department at [email protected] or by phone at (916) 368-9412 ext. 218. You will then be sent the exam to complete. Once the exam has been completed, you will then email or fax the material back to us and await confirmation of completion. Once you have received confirmation, you will be issued a certificate of completion and will then need to submit the RS or RRW application in along with a copy of your certificate of completion.


5.       Q: Who is required to take this 9 hours pre-registration course?


A:   -Anyone who is applying for registry (RRW/RS) on or before March 1, 2014 for the first time.

-Anyone who was previously registered with CCAPP and allowed their registry to expire past their 30 day grace period. *Please note that this course is not for applicants that are applying for certification.


6.       Q:   Am I required to take the 9 course through CCAPP or can I take it through certifying organization?


A:   The 9 hour pre-registration course can be taken through another certifying organization; however the course must be specific in that it must consist of three hours each in ethics, professional boundaries, and confidentiality. In order for CCAPP to accept your 9 hour certificate, the course must be listed on the CO’s website or approved by the CCAPP office.


7.       Q:    How is the fee for RRW/RS and the 9 hour pre-registration course broken down?


A:     The fee is broken down as followed:

- *$50 for the 9 hour course, which includes one year complimentary registry with CCAPP

- If you are currently registered with CCAPP and you let your registry expire past your grace period, you will need to pay $50 for the course and renewal plus a $29 late fee for registry.

-If you obtain your 9 hour course from another certifying organization and want to register with CCAPP, you will pay $40 for the registry only.


8.       Q:     What is the purpose of this 9 hour course?


A:      The purpose of this course is to prepare individuals that are currently seeking employment in the AOD industry and an educational introduction to the profession. It also serves as the first step of becoming registered.


9.       Q:   Will this course count towards the state requirement of 155 hours of alcohol and other drug education required to become certified?


A:    No. This course is not transferable, and does not count towards the state requirement of 155 educational hours or CCAPP’s 355 required hours, however it is a great introduction to AOD field and now required by all certify boards (CCAPP, Breining, CAARR, CAADE, CAADDTP).


On behalf of CCAPP, we thank you for your patience and understanding while we improve our service!